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Building the Leadership Pipeline:
A Targeted Development Program

Have you ever been in the catch 22 of not being clear why you didn't receive a promotion or why you weren't selected for the training that prepares you for the promotion? Have budgets been cut or reduced for conference attendance? Do you know that you need to invest in yourself but haven't found the right program? Many of today's employees face these dilemmas. In addition, each of these concerns have particular implications for under-represented groups in the workplace.

'Building the Leadership Pipeline: A Targeted Development Program' is a virtual cohort program designed to provide the most impactful skills to targeted populations through cost-effective blended learning.

This two-month cohort program focuses on the core skills that aspiring and existing leaders need to demonstrate leadership readiness, proficiency and mastery in order to achieve results in today's business environment. Content is delivered virtually right into the workplace through independent study, webinars, group coaching, 1:1 coaching and a live session.

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In this program, you will:

  • Gain the skills that get you noticed in the talent management process
  • Be able to apply your learnings immediately
  • Receive insider perspectives from HR experts
  • Create a career plan and get coaching that guides the next phase of your development
  • Gain strategies to deal with barriers caused by the impact of race and gender in the workplace


The session was fantastic. Cynthia was extremely knowledgeable, stayed focus on application in our company and made the session fun. It felt tailored to us and generated a depth of dialogue we have not had in years.

- Ashley M.

Cleveland was excellent! He established an environment that helped us to all feel comfortable sharing very quickly. His business experience and ability to draw us back to the data was helpful for us really understand our challenges in a new way.

- Dr. Rita Bailey-Roland

We thought we knew our organisation but the PFC assessment really opened our eyes in ways we didn’t expect. Allison and the team shifted our focus to the right questions, developed trust with employees to gather honest perspectives and added incredible insight to our data. Thank you for a comprehensive intervention. We are looking forward to the upcoming training.

- Dr. Rita Bailey-Roland