About Path Forward Consulting International

Path Forward Consulting International, LLC (PFCI) delivers products and services that shift organisational behaviour from good intentions to business impact. As a human resources and talent management firm, we support businesses to establish and sustain solid business performance by understanding people as their biggest asset. We offer consulting, training, and coaching services in the areas of human resources management, organisational effectiveness, talent management, employee and leadership development, diversity and inclusion by leveraging over 25 years of experience in the US, Cayman Islands and jurisdictions around the world. Our expertise targets interventions that have been proven to move the needle on talent outcomes. We are proud of the long-term impact of our work on businesses, employees and their families.

Our founders are human resources and talent management executives and sought after subject matter experts with over 50 years combined experience in strategic HR, best practices in talent management, organisational effectiveness, employee and leadership development. They have worked with local companies like Island Heritage Insurance, Cayman Utility Company, EY and organisations like Harvard and Yale University.

Allison V. Manswell, CPLP holds a Bachelor’s degree in Justice and Law Enforcement. In addition to an MBA in Leadership, she also holds the industry credential of Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) from the Association of Talent Development. She is the author of Listen In: Crucial Conversations on Race in the Workplace and a recognized subject matter expert on diversity and inclusion known for her firm's ability to host difficult conversations. Dawn McLean-Brady, MBA holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Pre-Law. In addition, to an MBA in International Business, she has extensive experience working globally and in senior government roles, Big Four Accounting firm and as an executive in corporations that service a wide variety of industries.

Our Team

Maximizing the value of talent requires a strategic approach to each step of the employee life cycle.  We can be your partner to leverage your talent at each juncture.

Our Programs

Organizations are only as strong as the leaders who support employees.  Our programs equip leaders for the challenges of this responsibility.

Leadership Development Portfolio
  • High Impact Performance for Leaders: Training & Coaching Program for First-Level, Mid-Level and Executive Leaders
  • Leadership Agility
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Executive Presence
  • Performance Management & Feedback
  • Exploring Gender Roles in the Caribbean Workplace
  • Sensitivity Awareness Training for Today’s Workplace
  • Leveraging Multiple Generations at Work
  • Managing an Aging Workforce Training Caymanians for A Competitive Workforce
  • Customized Workshops: We can customize a solution to address your specific needs


The session was fantastic. Cynthia was extremely knowledgeable, stayed focus on application in our company and made the session fun. It felt tailored to us and generated a depth of dialogue we have not had in years.

- Ashley M.

Cleveland was excellent! He established an environment that helped us to all feel comfortable sharing very quickly. His business experience and ability to draw us back to the data was helpful for us really understand our challenges in a new way.

- Dr. Rita Bailey-Roland

We thought we knew our organisation but the PFC assessment really opened our eyes in ways we didn’t expect. Allison and the team shifted our focus to the right questions, developed trust with employees to gather honest perspectives and added incredible insight to our data. Thank you for a comprehensive intervention. We are looking forward to the upcoming training.

- Dr. 90210

Our PFCI Services

Our services are based on our expertise and experience with Fortune-ranked companies. Our focus areas are targeted for specific challenges and encompass a broad range of solutions.

Human Resources Management:

A strong HR function is critical to today’s dynamic legal and social climate. We offer operational support to develop policies and procedures as well as developmental support for the professionals serving in HR business partner and support team roles.

Talent Management Strategy & Execution:

Maximizing the value of talent requires a strategic approach to each step of the employee life cycle. We can be your partner to leverage your talent at each juncture.

Leadership Development Courses & Program:

Organisations are only as strong as the leaders who support the employees. Our programs equip leaders for the increasingly complex challenges of this responsibility.

Individual, Group & Executive Coaching:

When leadership development gaps are identified, coaching is often more effective than training. We offer cost-effective support that engage individuals and create measurable outcomes.

Organisational Effectiveness:

Accomplishing business goals require systems and processes that meet operational standards and achieve the stated outcomes. We can help you assess if your organisation's infrastructure is working in sync or in conflict.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy& Programs:

As society changes, we are finding ourselves having to examine deeply held beliefs in service of ensuring respect and inclusion. We are sought after thought leaders in this area.

Keynote Speeches & Customized Trainings:

Our curriculum design team of experienced consultants create content tailored to client needs.