Diversity And Inclusion Expert Gives Solutions For Racial Equity
Black Enterprise discussed Workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives, Black Lives Matter, and specific ways to make the Diversity & Inclusion initiative work for organizations. Expert Allison Manswell, is focused on shifting behavior in the workforce from intention to impact. Recently named to HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Firms list, Path Forward is leading organizations onward through challenging times.
Leading In A Lonely World - Vanessa Kelly Podcast
“Listen In” to Allison Manswell as she talks with Vanessa Kelly about her impactful book on race relations: “Listen In: Crucial Conversations on Race in the Workplace,” its relevance today, and why now is the right time to make real changes to bring lasting racial equity.
Brazil Four Summit
Forum Eventos Sao Paulo Brazil
Allison Manswell on DE&I and Racial Justice
Allison Manswell, Chief Results Officer at Path Forward Consulting, discusses the changes she's seeing in how companies address DE&I, and why she is cautiously optimistic that the current focus on racial justice may lead to real progress.
Path Forward Consulting: The Trusted Partner for Sustained Growth
Path Forward Consulting is honored to have received an award from HR Tech Outlook as one of the Top Diversity & Inclusion Consulting Service Companies in 2020.
Listen In with Allison Manswell & Tracy Imm
Host Tracy Imm, of Brave Girls, talks with Allison Manswell about her book Listen In
A Conversation with Allison Manswell
Watch as Nicole Wright interviews Allison Manswell about what COVID is teaching us about Race in the Workplace.
Leidos AALN Leadership Conference
Leidos Headquarters hosted employees and executives for the inaugural African American Leidos Network (AALN) Leadership Conference. Allison Manswell was the keynote speaker who closed out the conference asking attendees to continue mentoring others while raising the bar on their own performance.
The Harvard Gazette - Author Allison Manswell examines importance of open dialogue
“Silence Is a Statement: Understanding Race in the Workplace” was the topic of discussion led by author Allison Manswell at the most recent Diversity Dialogues event.
A Novel Way to Create Conversations
Many books on diversity rely on statistics to illuminate the issues of race in America. Allison Manswell’s, Listen In: Crucial Conversations on Race in the Workplace takes a novel approach to this difficult topic. We are pleased to announce the new Listen In Card Deck designed to spark conversation among colleagues.
New Book Breaks Silence on Race in the Workplace
Employees and executives have access to a power-packed combination of an intriguing novel and no-nonsense business consulting that can transform organizational culture.